väritön and värillinen


väritön and värillinen (adjectives) –

Väritön means colourless and värillinen means coloured. In the case of the glass recycling bins shown here, this is helpful to know. In the case of glass, you can think of väritön as clear.

I got tired of peering in from the top to remember which was which because the words are similar. (If you forget which is which on the glass bins in Helsinki, notice that the väritön is white and värillinen is green, but that’s also cheating!) It’s helpful to remember that the words ending in -ton mean that they don’t have the substance referenced in the word root. Other examples are laktoositon which means lactose-free and sokeriton which means sugar-free.

On the other hand, Finnish words suffixed with -llinen are typically adjectives describing possession of the substance or having the quality of the root of the word. Examples: onnellinen (happy) and ovellinen (has a door), aamullinen (occuring in the morning), lusikallinen (spoonful) or lapsellinen (childish). See many more such -llinen words here.


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