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huippuosaaja (compound noun) –

Top expert.

In today’s example, on signs for Tehys, a Health and Social Care Professional union, we see the compound word ”huippuosaaja!” which means ”top expert.” (It appears here with a dash because the word is shown on two lines.)

Huippu is a noun meaning ”top,” peak” or ”summit.”

Osaaja is a noun meaning ”expert.”

Extra credit:

The whole phrase, tältä näyttää huippuosaaja means literally ”From this appears the top expert,” or more figuratively, ”This looks like a top expert” referring to the woman looking at herself in the mirror and picturing herself as a health professional.

Tältä here is the ablative form of tämä, meaning this. In the ablative it means ”from this,” ”off this” or ”of this.”

Näyttää here is a verb appearing simply in the 3rd person present, meaning ”present” or ”show.”

The rest of the text of the sign touts the great training health professionals get, etc.


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