varaston tyhjennys

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varaston tyhjennys (phrase) –

Stock clearance.

Varaston is the genitive singular form of the noun varasto, meaning stock (see varasto declined here).

Tyhjennys is a noun which literally means emptying. (Sometimes it is seen in a longer form as the compound noun ”tyhjennysmyynti.” meaning literally ”emptying sale.”) Thus, we have a phrase which translates roughly as ”Clearance of stock,” or ”Stock clearance.”

There should be some good buys at this store.

One thought on “varaston tyhjennys

  1. Besides stock, (that which is stored in the warehouse) ”varasto” can just as easily refer to the warehouse itself. Good chance that’s the meaning varasto is meant to take here, since it could actually be emptied (of stock).


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