maahanmuutto (compound noun) –


From maahan (illative singular form of maa, meaning ”to the country”) and muutto (meaning ”move,” ”relocate,” or ”migrate”.)

The opposite of maahanmuutto is maastamuutto, from maasta (elative of maa, meaning “from the country”) +‎ muutto (“migration).

The word for ”one who immigrates,” or an ”immigrant” is maahanmuuttaja.

Extra credit:

Colloquial or slang for maahanmuuttaja (immigrant) is mamu, taken from the first two letters of each part of the compound noun.  In Finland, however, there is some debate over whether mamu is an appropriate word to use to refer to immigrants. Some say it’s an offensive nickname, while others point out it’s just a standard abbreviation even used by government officials.



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