Autolla pihaan ajo kielletty

pihaan.JPG (2)

Autolla pihaan ajo kielletty –


Phrase: Driving by car into the courtyard is prohibited.

Signs like this are often posted on the gates leading to the courtyards behind apartment buildings.

Let’s translate each word of the phrase.

  1. Autolla is the adessive singular of the noun auto, meaning car. (See auto declined here.)  One use of adessive case is to indicate ”by use of” or ”with” something.  In our sign it means ”by car.”
  2. Pihaan is the illative singular of the noun piha, which meansyard” or ”courtyard.” (See piha declined here.)  Illative case is used when ”into” or ”to” would be used in English. In this case pihaan means either ”into” or ”to the courtyard.” In our example, we know it’s ”courtyard” instead of ”yard” because of where the sign is located.
  3. Ajo is a noun which means ”driving,” and it appears here in the nominative singular.
  4. Kielletty is the passive past participle of kieltää, which means ”to forbid” or ”to prohibit.” In this case it means ”is prohibited.”


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