miten sinä aiot viettää vappua?


Miten sinä aiot viettää vappua?


Phrase: How are you planning to spend vappu?

Let’s break down the sentence:

Miten is an adverb meaning ”how?”

Sinä is the personal pronoun meaning ”you.” It is used here in the nominative singular.

Aiot is the second-person singular form of aikoa, a verb which means ”plan to do,” ”intend to do,” etc.

Viettää is a verb which means ”to spend” or ”to pass ” when used with nouns describing types of times or periods (holidays, etc.) It appears here in it’s basic infinitive form.

Viettää is a verb which takes the partitive, so  the May Day holiday, vappu, appears here in its partitive form, vappua.


4 kommenttia artikkeliin ”miten sinä aiot viettää vappua?

  1. The causative is not currently (and I believe never really was) a productive case in the Finnish language. Miten should not be considered a declension mikä, even if that is its origin (which is probably why the ”miten” wiktionary page rightly only mentions this under ”Etymology”.)

    The fact that wiktionary for some words lists ”cases” like the superessive, causative etc. (like on the ”mikä” page) is only confusing for students of Finnish.

  2. This is a very good point, Tommy, and I agree it was confusing (or more likely even just plain wrong) that I called causative a noun case now that I’ve looked at it more closely. I’ve changed the entry above to simply call ”miten” an adverb meaning ”how.” For a learner like myself, 15 cases in Finnish is already enough! And I’ll keep a closer eye on these additional ”cases” on wiktionary in the future.

  3. No problem. I’m about a year and a half into learning Finnish and I make extensive use of wiktionary and some grammar books, and I’ve bumped into some of these problems myslef, only to be corrected by knowledgeable Finns later. I’m just trying to keep your other readers from being confused 🙂


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