palapeli (palapelejä)

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palapeli –


Compound noun: Jigsaw puzzle.


Palapeli is a compound noun coming from pala which means ”bit” or ”piece” and peli which means ”game.” ”Piece game” is a matter-of-fact description of a puzzle, when you think about it.

In our example from the book shop sign, palapeli appears in the partitive plural, palapelejä, because it is modified by paljon, which means ”many.” Because ”many” is uncountable, the noun it modifies takes the partitive.


In our example sign, nuortenkirjoja means ”Young people’s books.” Kirjoja is partitive plural of kirja. Again, it it appears in partitive plural because it is an uncountable number on sale for 5 euros.


3 kommenttia artikkeliin ”palapeli (palapelejä)

  1. And since this post mentions everything in the partitive I’ll add that the ”5€” would be ”Viisi euroa” when written out, because as a previous post said, nouns (such as euro) that follow a cardinal number above 1 (and possibly below -1, I am not sure) take the (singular) partitive case.

  2. ..and ”kpl” would be short for ”kappale” (or in this case ”kappaleelta”, since there is no ”per” or a slash before it)

  3. I had been told the word that kpl stood for at least twice but I kept forgetting it. I didn’t realize it was such a versatile word (which besides piece or item can mean things like paragraph, section or sample)


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