kolaroivat (kolaroida)


listen_20  kolaroida –


Verb:  To crash.

Kolaroida appears in this headline from Helsingin Sanomat in the 3rd person plural, kolaroivat.

In the phrase ”taksi ja pikkubussi kolaroivat Helsingissä” a taxi (taksi) and a minibus (pikkubussi) crash (kolaroivat) in Helsinki (Helsingissä.) Helsinki appears in the inessive case so it takes the preposition ”in” in English.


Kolme loukkaantui means ”three injured.”

Kolme is a cardinal number which means ”three.”

Loukkaantui is a verb, the 3rd person singular imperfect (past) of loukkaantua, which means ”to be hurt,” or ”to be injured.(See loukkaantui conjugated here.)

It’s important to note that loukkaantui appears in the singular. This is because when a cardinal number is used to express a quantity of people or objects, the corresponding verb will also be singular. Ihmistä (in this case meaning ”people”is implied.  Ihmistä is the partitive singular of ihminen, which means ”person” or ”human being. If it appeared, ihmistä would be in the partitive singular because that case must be used with all numbers greater than 1 and 0.


3 kommenttia artikkeliin ”kolaroivat (kolaroida)

  1. I had assumed I would be wrong about ”to panel”, since that seems like a silly verb to have, but when I looked it up it was indeed to ”cover something in panels”.

    With paketoida the first thing that came to mind was the computer term ”to packet” (to bombard with datapackages), but it seems even the English term can just mean ”to pack”, just as paketoida seems to…

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