kuljetus (kuljettaa, kuljettaja, kuljettaminen)


listen_20 kuljetus


Noun: Transport, ride, delivery, shipping.

(In our example sign, leveä means ”wide” or ”broad” so the whole sign is similar to a ”wide load” sign in English.)


Kuljetus comes from the verb kuljettaa (type 1), which means to transport, carry, convey or drive.  (See kuljettaa conjugated here.) Kuljetus uses the deverbal suffix –us to create a noun describing an action or event.


Two other words formed from the verb kuljettaa are the nouns kuljettaja, which adds the suffix –ja to create an ”agent noun” meaning ”driver,” and kuljettaminen, which adds the suffix –minen to create the verbal noun ”transportation” or the English gerund ”driving.”

The nouns kuljetus and kuljettaminen are similar in meaning. Sometimes the word ending in –us is the thing which is created by performing the action of the verb stem and the word ending in –minen as the process of doing the action, but there are many exceptions to this.

A similar situation exists with the verb pakata (“to pack”) in creating the –us noun pakkaus (“package”) and the –minen noun pakkaaminen (”packaging”).

Native speakers or more advanced learners than I are encourage to comment on further rules of distinction of meaning between the two.


2 kommenttia artikkeliin ”kuljetus (kuljettaa, kuljettaja, kuljettaminen)

  1. As far as I’ve been able to decipher, -minen is the most reliable way to contruct ”the doing of” whatever verb you construct it with. I’m not even sure every verb has an ”-us” noun.

  2. Suffix -us may refer to both the act (-minen) and the ”thing” (-e). It doesn’t exist for all verbs.
    There’s also suffix -uu, which may sometimes apply: perata => perkaus, perkaaminen, perkuu (see also perkeet).
    Note that -minen is actually an infinite form of the verb whereas -uu and -us are nouns.


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