karttaa (karttavat)


listen_20 karttaa


Verb (type 1): To avoid, eschew, shun, stay away from, steer clear of.

Karttaa appears in our example in its 3rd person plural form, karttavat. (See karttaa fully conjugated here.)

Translating the whole phrase, punkit is the nominative plural of punkki, which means ”mite” or ”tick.”

Valkosipulia is the partitive singular of valkosipuli, which means ”garlic.”

So our phrase means ”ticks stay away from garlic.”


One thought on “karttaa (karttavat)

  1. That’s funny, before I read on I was already wondering why ”punkrockers avoid garlic”.

    (In Dutch and German these are generally just referred to as ”punks” which works because in those languages ”punk” doesn’t mean what it meant when Clint Eastwood used it)

    While I doubt anyone made the same incorrect guess I did, that would have been ”Punkkarit”


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