tuotteet (tuote)


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Noun: 1. (In manufacturing) product.  2. (In agriculture) produce. [Plural only.]

Tuote appears in our example in its nominative plural, tuotteet, and means ”products.”

Tästä” is the elative singular form of tämä, a pronoun meaning ”this.” In the elative it means ”out of this” or ”from this.”  In our example sign, the phrase ”tästä tuotteet”  means ”Products from this (box, pile, table, etc. is implied)….”


Tuote comes from the verb tuottaa (”to produce”) plus the suffix -e, a suffix which can create nouns from verbs or adjectives.

Another example of use of this suffix is by forming the noun ote (”grip”) from the verb ottaa (”to take hold of”).

Other words derived from tuottaa are the adjectives tuottava (”productive”) and tuottamaton (”unproductive”), and the agent noun tuottaja (”producer”).


3 kommenttia artikkeliin ”tuotteet (tuote)

  1. It took me a few moments to get what you wrote about ”grip”. Adding the word itself might save others a second or two of confusion.

    It’s ”ote” ( http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ote ) and if I understand today’s article right ”ote” is to ”ottaa” what ”tuote” is to ”tuottaa”.


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