arki (arkeen)

tuo iloa arkeen

listen_20 arki


Noun: weekday; an ordinary or non-special day in life.

Arki appears here in illative singular form, arkeen.  Illative is used here to give the meaning ”into a weekday.”

Let’s translate the whole sentence for the context.

Uusi koti is a simple phrase that means ”new home.”

Tuo iloa means ”brings happiness” or ”brings joy.”  Tuo is the 3rd person singular of tuoda, which means ”to bring.” (See tuoda conjugated here.) Iloa here is the partitive singular of ilo, which means ”joy.”

The whole sentence translates as ”A new home brings joy to daily life.”


Tutustu nyt in our example means ”get acquainted now.”

Tutustu is the 2nd person imperative singular of tutustua which means ”to meet (people),” ”to get to know” or ”to get acquainted with.”

And nyt is an adverb meaning ”now.”



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