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Adjective: Safe, secure, comfortable.

Turvallinen is often seen in its partitive form, turvallista, as in ”Tätä on turvallista syödä” (”it’s safe to eat this”) though in our example today, since it is directly modifying koti (”home”) it is in nominative.


Turvallinen comes from turva (”safety”) plus the suffix –llinen, a denominal suffix that is used to form adjectives indicating possession. I.e., turvallinen is a word describing something possessing the quality of safety.

A synonym for turva is turvallisuus, formed from turvallinen plus the suffix -uus to make it back into a noun.

Antonyms are vaarallinen (”dangerous”) and turvaton (”insecure,” ”unsafe.”)


2 kommenttia artikkeliin ”turvallinen

  1. Did you mean ”A synonym for turva is turvallisuus,”?
    From what you wrote I got that those both mean ”safety”, whereas turvallinen is ”safe”.

    • Yes, I did mean ”a synonym for turva is turvallisuus,” and I just fixed that up with an edit. Now that I did it, it realize it seems a little funny to take the noun ”turva,” make it into the adjective ”turvallinen,” then turn the adjective back into a noun, ”turvallisuus,” with yet another suffix. But I believe that’s exactly what happens here.


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