kulua (kuluu)

aika kuluu

listen_20 kulua


Verb: Many meanings. See the sanakirja.org entry for more. The main meanings are as below.

  1. (e.g. of clothes) to wear (out/thin/down),
  2. (of money) to get spent, go, (of food) get eaten/consumed
  3. (of time) to go by, pass by, pass off

Kulua appears in our example, aika kuluu in the third-person singular present form. (See kulua conjugated here.)

NOTE: Be careful not to confuse kulua with kuulua, which is a different verb. Kuulua is the verb that appears in the common phrase Mitä kuuluu? (”How are you doing?”)

In our example, aika means ”time,” so the best translation of the phrase ”aika kuluu” might be ”time passes” or ”time goes by.”


Hanki is the second-person singular imperative of hankkia, a verb that means ”to get.”

Eläkevakuutus is a compound word that means ”pension insurance.” It is made from eläke (”pension”) plus vakuutus, (”insurance.”)

The phrase means ”Get OP-pension insurance.” (OP is a Finnish cooperative bank.)



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