pulahtaa (pulahda)


listen_20 pulahtaa


Verb (type 1): to dip (oneself) into water, take a dip (to go for a swim).

Pulahtaa appears here in the 2nd person singular imperative form.

A synonymous phrase is ”mennä uimaan,”  which means ”to go to swimming” or ”to go for a swim.”


Pulahtaa  is onomatopoeic, i.e it is similar to the English word ”plop” in that it imitates the sound one makes when dipping into the water.


Let’s translate the entire photo caption, ”Pulahda jokeen, mereen, lampeen, uima-altaaseen! Stadissa riittää uimapaikkoja,” or ”Take a dip in a river, in the sea, in a pond, in a swimming pool. There are enough places to swim in Helsinki.”

Four terms which appear in the illative case are a list of places to go swimming. Words in the illative carry the basic meaning of ”into,” but in our examples the best meaning is ”in.”

  • jokeen – in a river (illative of joki)
  • mereen – in the sea (illative of meri)
  • lampeen – in a pond (illative of lampi)
  • uima-altaaseen – in a swimming pool (illative of uimaallas)

Stadissa is the inessive form of  stadi, a slang word meaning ”Helsinki city” that comes from the Swedish, stad. In the inessive case it carries the meaning of ”in Helsinki.”

Riittää is a verb which means ”to do” or ”to suffice.” It also means ”is enough” or ”is sufficient,” which is its meaning here. It appears here in 3rd person singular and is best translated into English in this context as ”There are enough.”

Uimapaikoja is a compound noun means ”swimming places.” It is the partitive plural of uimapaikka.



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