parrasvalo (parrasvaloista)


listen_20 parrasvalo


Noun: limelight, footlights (in plural, parrasvalot).

Parrasvalo appears in the elative plural, parrasvaloista, in our example from Metro (free Finnish newspaper that comes out on weekdays).


Parrasvalo is a compound word formed from parras (”brink,” ”verge” or ”edge”) and valo (”light”).  In this compound word, parras has a theatrical shade of meaning, referring to the edge of a stage, known as the ”apron.” Parrasvalo refers to a light that might be located at such a place, i.e. the ”footlight.”


Let’s translate the whole headline, ”Pois Parrasvaloista,” or ”Away from the limelight.” Even better in colloquial English might be ”Out of the limelight.”

Pois is here an adverb meaning ”off,” ”away” or ”out.”

Parrasvaloista in the elative plural means ”from the limelight”.

The rest of the picture caption, ”Kivimiehet katosivat päärautatieasemalta,” means ”The stone men disappeared from Central Station.” The story is about the stone figures which flank the main doors to the central railway station in Helsinki being taken away for cleaning and repair. It’s kind of a big deal because these stone men are one of the iconic images of Helsinki. They should be fully back in place by mid November.



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