erämaa (erämaahan)


listen_20 erämaa


Noun: wilderness, quarantine, waste, wasteland.

Erämaa appears in our example in the illative singular, erämaahan.


Erämaa is a compound term that comes from erä (which usually means ”wilds” or ”hunting” when used here as a modifier in compound terms) plus maa (”earth”, ”land” or ”country”). In the illative, erämaahan might be translated into English using the preposition ”into,” however in our example the best translation is probably just ”in the wilderness.”

Erä as a noun by itself can mean  ”batch,” ”lot” or ”installment” or in sports can refer to the time-limited periods into which games or matches are subdivided.

Other words made with erä:

  • erämies (“hunter, hiker”)
  • eränkävijä (“hunter, hiker”)
  • eräopas (“wilderness guide”)
  • eräpäivä (”due date for bills,” ”expiration date”)
  • eräpallo (”game/set/match point” in tennis)


Let’s translate the whole headline, ”Erämaahan kaavaillaan mökkikylää,” or ”Cabin village is being envisaged in the wilderness.”

Kaavaillaan is the passive present of the verb kaavailla, which means ”to envisage” or ”to plan in the early stages.”  It means here ”is being envisaged.”

Mökkikylää is another compound word which comes from mökki, a summer home or summer cottage popular with Finns plus kylää the partitive form of kylä which means ”village.”

Read the whole story in Helsingin Sanomat here.


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