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Adjective: free, gratis, free of charge, complimentary.

A synonym for ilmainen is maksuton.


Let’s translate the whole sign, ”Ilmainen WiFi-yhteys lähes kaikilla lennoilla, ” or ”Free wi-fi access on almost all flights.”

Ilmainen means ”free.” (A related adverb is ilmaiseksi, which means ”for free.”)

WiFi-yhteys means ”wi-fi access.” Yhteys is a noun which can mean ”connection” or ”access” when talking about internet or wifi. It can also mean ”contact” or ”context.”

Lähes is an adverb meaning ”almost,” ”nearly” or ”close to.”

Kaikilla lennoilla means ”on all flights.” Kaikilla is adessive plural of kaikki, meaning ”all” and lennoilla is adessive plural of lento meaning ”flight” or ”flying.” With both words in the adessive plural, here taking the basic meaning of ”on,” the phrase takes the meaning ”on all flights.”


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  1. Hei! I am learning Finnish and your posts are very helpful for things we are not really covering in class. I have a question though, what is the difference between ilmainen and vapaa, as in vapaa pääsy which I have seen? Kiitos paljon!

    • Yes, I believe this one of many cases where translating into English confuses things. I think with ”vapaa pääsy” even though it sounds like it could mean ”free of charge” it really means ”free” in the sense of ”unrestricted,” as in ”anyone can have access and it won’t be restricted to people who pay.” But definitely a subtle difference, as Tommy suggests.


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