blow out the candles

listen_20 puhaltaa


Verb (type 1): to blow, to sound, to play, to blow on, etc.

When referring to wind instruments (known as puhallin), puhaltaa refers to sounding or playing them.

(See puhaltaa fully conjugated here.)


Let’s use puhaltaa in a sentence: Tyttö puhaltaa kynttilät, or ”The girl blows out the candles.”

Tyttö means ”girl.”

Puhaltaa is the 3rd person singular of puhaltaa. (Same as the infinitive form with this verb.)

Kynttilät is the plural of kynttilä, meaning candle. In this sentence kynttilät is in the nominative plural.

One thought on “puhaltaa

  1. So, since you’ve translated puhaltaa as ”to blow out” in your example sentence does that mean the end result in this case is that all the candles are blown out, or does it only mean she blows at the candles without indicating if she actually manages to blow them out?


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