listen_20 erä


Noun: batch, lot, installment, subdivision in many sports contests, etc. (Erä has many meanings, so see the entry for more.)

The word erä is frequently seen in advertisements where (like in today’s example photo) it refers to batches of items a store may have on sale for a specified period of time.


Let’s translate the whole sign, ”Erä kierrätyslaukkuja -50%,” or ”Batch of recycled bags -50%.”

Kierrätys means recycling.

Laukkuja is partitive plural of laukku, which means either a soft bag or a hard case.

As a compound word, kierrätyslaukkuja here means ”recycled bags.” (It might also mean ”recycling bags,” but we know from the context that it means the former.)

Another note about erä: When erä appears as a modifier in compound terms, it signifies ”wilds,” ”wilderness” or ”hunting.”  (We had that usage of erä on this blog a while ago.)

Examples of erä as a modifier:  erämaa (“wilderness”), erämies (“hunter, hiker”), eränkävijä (“hunter, hiker”), eräpuukko (“hunting knife”), eräopas (“wilderness guide”)



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