humalassa (humala)


listen_20 humalassa

MEANING: Adjective: drunk, intoxicated.


Humalassa comes from humala, which is a botanical term meaning ”hop” (as in the plant used in beer-making.)  Humala also means ”drunkeness,” ”intoxication” or a ”high.” Humalassa is the inessive singular of humala. It might literally be translated as ”in drunkeness.”

EXTRA CREDIT: Other words relating to drunks, drunkenness.

  • humalainen – a drunk, an inebriate.
  • humala – in botony, hop. Also drunkeness, intoxication, or a high.
  • humaltua – verb. To get drunk, to become intoxicated
  • humalaan – adverb meaning in the process of getting intoxicated.
  • kännissä  – (colloquial, inessive singular of känni) drunk, intoxicated.

Let’s translate the whole headline, Mitä tehdä, kun nuori tulee humalassa kotiin – viisi vinkkiä vanhemmille, or ”What to do when young people come home drunk – five tips for parents.”



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