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Finnish is difficult to learn. But even a word or two a day makes for some good progress. I will add words and phrases to this blog as I come across them. Many will be common words you will stumble across on signs, in stores, in the newspaper, or as you walk across a Finnish city.

I am an American-born student of Finnish with a strong background in English grammar who now lives in Helsinki. This blog is part of my way to learn Finnish, by understanding words well enough that I am able to explain them to other people.  The blog is followed by many native Finnish speakers and even some teachers of Finnish, and I encourage those experts to make comments, additions and corrections along the way.

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  1. This is a great site. I love the photos from actual signs, packaging, whatnot – and the linguistic side notes. Very thoughtful, and much appreciated. Thanks for doing this for us non-Finnish-speaking Finnophiles!

  2. It’s so great to learn everyday words in Finnish from your site alongside the things I learn in class. It just adds another level to understanding the world around us in Finland. Great site! Kiitos

  3. Excellent and much needed help! On this “About” page there is an image that reads “IF YOU TRY TO LEARN FINNISH YOUR GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME.” I would advise to bring that phrase in line with the contention that the author has a strong background in English grammar. It’s easy since only one word has to be changed:


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